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Calhoun Co. Sheriff urges registration in teen driver safety program

Calhoun Co. Sheriff urges registration in teen driver safety program

The Calhoun County Sheriff is urging parents and guardians to take an active role in their teens’ driving, and register their vehicles with the Stopped program.

About a decade ago, the Michigan Sheriff’s Association started the Stopped program.

It stands for Sheriffs Telling Our Parents and Promoting Educated Drivers.

The goal is to keep young drivers safe, and parents informed.

“In the state of Michigan, we have not had a serious injury accident or a fatal accident involving a car that’s registered in the Stopped program,” said Calhoun County Sheriff Matt Saxton.

Right now, more than 30,000 vehicles are registered statewide. But Sheriff Saxton says just 500 vehicles are enrolled in his county

Parents can register vehicles their teenagers drive.

When registered, a Stopped sticker gets placed on the front windshield. Sheriff Saxton says it serves two purposes: it allows an officer who pulls that teen over to see they’re registered with the program.

“But the biggest point of that sticker is to remind that teen driver every time they’re driving that if they get pulled over for speeding, or have contact with police that their parents are gonna find out,” Saxton said.

Because a letter or an email is sent directly to the parent.

Sheriff Saxton says bottom line, parents need to be involved, whether its through this program or something else.

“Sometimes it makes it harder on a parent when they have those stricter rules, but I think I would rather struggle through those stricter rules than have to go to my child’s funeral,” he said.

If you’re interested in registering your vehicle, you can fill out a free form online. Click here to read article from website.