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Michigan Sheriff's Association

At Securus, we're committed to connecting what matters. Securus is the premier provider of innovative communication solutions for the corrections industry. Specifically, we install and centrally manage state-of-the-art call management and communication systems for use by correctional facilities, and we offer a variety of convenient payment products and services to inmates and their friends and family members. Chief industry groups—correctional facilities, inmates, and the friends and family members of inmates—derive unique and specialized value from our innovative technology and communication offerings. Facilities benefit from a comprehensive array of technology solutions that integrate seamlessly with the Secure Call Platform (SCP), Securus' centralized, hosted, packet-based call management system. This state-of-the-art platform provides facility personnel with unmatched administrative, fraud management, and investigative features that support Securus' revenue-generating products and services — such as Prepaid Calling Cards, Voicemail, Commissary Order by Phone, and more. Securus' call management and communications technology: Automates operations for improved facility productivity Maximizes operational efficiencies while reducing labor demands Ensures only authorized personnel have access to communications technology Supports investigative capabilities Prevents criminal activity Motivates inmates and their friends and family to place more calls Contributes to a safer, more controlled correctional environment
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