SHERIFF’S MEDAL OF HONOR:  To be awarded to a Law Enforcement or Corrections Officer who voluntarily distinguishes themselves by extraordinary heroism.  The recipient must be fully aware of the imminent threat to their personal safety and must have acted above and beyond the call of duty at the risk of their own life. (May be awarded posthumously.

THE SHERIFF’S CROSS:  To be awarded posthumously to a Law Enforcement or Corrections Officer who has lost their life in the performance of their duty under honorable circumstances.

DISTINQUISHED SERVICE MEDAL:  For exceptionally meritorious conduct involving exemplary courage, great risk or danger to a Law Enforcement Corrections Officer’s personal safety, but less than that required for the Sheriff’s Medal of Honor.  May also be awarded for meritorious service in the performance of an assignment of great responsibility.  The excellence of such performance distinguishing both the recipient and their Sheriff’s Office.

CITIZEN’S MEDAL OF VALOR:  Awarded to private citizens who voluntarily come to the aid of a Law Enforcement Officer or citizen at great personal risk to their own lives in situations wherein the citizen involved has no personal motive or stake in the outcome.

CITIZEN’S LIFESAVING AWARD:  Awarded to a Citizen whose actions result in saving the life of another person.

LIFESAVING AWARD: Awarded to a Law Enforcement Officer whose conduct results in saving a life of another person.

PRESIDENTAL CITATION AND MEDAL:  Awarded for outstanding and extraordinary professional and personal service to the criminal justice system and the law enforcement profession.  Criteria for the award may include long-term contributions to criminal justice and law enforcement, significant training accomplishments, or other widely recognized criminal justice endeavors or accomplishments.  The recipient’s activities shall be of such significance to demonstrate a person’s dedication and commitment above and beyond normal professional duties and interactions.  This award may be originated by any active-voting member of the M.S.A. and submitted to the Awards and Citations Committee for an evaluation and a determination of awarding the citation and medal.

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