A parental notification system which was developed for the state by MSA, the goal of STOPPED is to reduce the number of young drivers who are involved in motor vehicle crashes each year. Parents voluntarily register their vehicles with MSA online. They may register any vehicle - car, boat, ORV, moped, motorcycle - that will be operated by a driver under 21. An identification decal is issued by MSA and affixed to the top left corner of the rear windshield of the vehicle where it serves as a constant reminder to the teen to always drive as if his/her parents are in the car.

If, for any reason, the vehicle is pulled over by a participating law enforcement agency while a driver under 21 is driving a notification is sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. Notification includes the time and location of the stop, the driver’s name and number of passengers in the vehicle, the reason for the stop and whether or not any citations were issued. A driver’s license is one of the most visible symbols of a child’s progression into adulthood. However, bad habits are difficult to change once set.

Register for the STOPPED Program

We need your address to send you STOPPED stickers for your vehicles. Please include Suite, Apt., etc. on another line.