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Michigan Sheriff's Association

Alcona County

Sheriff: Sheriff Douglas Atchison

Address: 214 W. Main Street
Harrisville, MI 48740

Telephone: 989-724-6271


Sheriff Atchison currently has 34 years of law enforcement experience.  He began his career in 1981 graduating from the Macomb Police Academy while employed with the city of Harrisville Police department.  In 1983 he was offered a position with the Alcona County Sheriff’s office where he performed road patrol duties until 1993.  January 1st of that year he was appointed Undersheriff of Alcona County and held that position until the fall of 2007.  Upon the retirement of the previous Sheriff, Sheriff Atchison was sworn in to the office in October 2007.  Sheriff Atchison has maintained said position until this day.

Sheriff Atchison has been married to his wife Linda for 34 years. They have two children John and Chelsea, and two grandchildren Evan and Grace. 

Sheriff Atchison works diligently to put forward a standard that he feels should be expected in a law enforcement professional.  He continues that same standard, and strives for community recognition to that standard for all Sheriff’s office employees.