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House Arrest Services

House Arrest Services


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House Arrest Services provides the most reliable and efficient court-ordered defendant monitoring equipment available today. We are a full service provider, offering a portfolio of services in a one-stop shop for all your electronic monitoring needs. We work with you to develop comprehensive programs suited to your Court/Agency and its offenders management needs. We hold offenders accountable, assure a maximum level of community protection and save considerable taxpayer dollars from the high cost of incarceration. The costs of jailing an offender vary but can easily approach $70 to $80 per day. In contrast, electronic monitoring equipment averages between $4 and $9 per day – a dramatic savings. Where deemed appropriate by the Courts, our programs allow clients to remain part of the community carrying out their normal obligations. Their lives are enhanced by working, going to school and attending counseling and maintaining sobriety instead of being incarcerated. We offer varying degrees of monitoring levels to meet the needs of each participant, including “step down” programs designed to reward compliance. Our monitoring center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide detailed, customized reports based on client needs. Leading the industry since 1986, House Arrest Services, Inc. is proud of its long history and its position in the industry. We partner with the world’s most respected brands to create advanced tracking and monitoring solutions for dozens of industries, and we have been the subject of several national news stories describing the effectiveness of our programs.

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